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Wet Loaded Lotion 300ml

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Wet Loaded lotion is your typical Japanese lotion in a Japanese Sake bottle.


Wet Loaded lotion is your typical Japanese lotion. However the difference is that the bottle looks like a bottle of Japanese wine bottle. This adds to the disguise as well as novelty value. At 300ml, it is also a great economical lotion. Available in 3 colors: Yellow, Pink, and White.

*For novelty purposes only.

Please take the following caution with any lotion:
-The lotion is very slippery, please be careful during use.
-Rinse with water immediately if the lotion gets in your eye.
-If there is any discomfort or irritation during use, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
-Keep the lotion away from sun during storage in a cool dark place.
-Please use soon upon opening.
-Keep away from children.


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