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Seventeen Bordeaux Soft

The SevenTeen Bordeaux masturbator is ToysHeart's third edition to their most popular onahole series and now it has gotten the “soft” treatment with SevenTeen Bordeaux Soft.

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SevenTeen is one of the most successful and popular series for ToysHeart and it's Bordeaux version is the latest generation in the series. ToysHeart has finally given SevenTeen Bordeaux the Soft Edition it deserves for Summer 2016.

The original SevenTeen Bordeaux masturbator was designed using some of the most popular features and innovations ToysHeart had made using years of SevenTeen's user feedback. Like previous generations of SevenTeens, the item is made with a dual layered construction. If you are not familiar with dual layer construction design, it is where the outside of the masturbator is made from one material while the inside has a different material. This makes it possible to have a certain tactile feel when holding the masturbator while the inside gives a stimulation experience that's not possible with the outer material.

The material of SevenTeen Bordeaux Soft is made from ToysHeart's "Fine Cross" material. The outside layer is made using their foam like manufacturing technique that produce a softer feel to the material. This also creates more elasticity without sacrificing durability that "Fine Cross" is known for. The inside layer has a solid layer of Fine Cross with a different hardness tuned for stimulation. The Soft edition kicks the softness up a level to create a mellower experience.

The interior texturing for SevenTeen Bordeaux Soft has remained unchanged from the original. Flesh-like bumps and tiny vein-like textures lines the inside to create more stimulation than any previous SevenTeen product. The overall structure of SevenTeen Bordeaux Soft is designed to be the excited state of a vagina with a very realistic cervix that acts as a "stinger" for stimulation. Fan of the original should definitely check it out as SevenTeen Bordeaux Soft is another great addition from ToysHeart.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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