Loyalty Program

ToyDemon Loyalty Program

ToyDemon has been around since 2008 and we are still going strong. Honestly, we couldn't have done it without our loyal customers. To express our gratitude to our loyal customers we are launching a new Loyalty Program.

The program is simple and FREE! The registered customers are split into different levels of membership based on your purchase amount. Basically, the more you have purchased from ToyDemon.com, the higher level membership you will achieve and the better rewards you will receive.

Please see the below to see the breakdown of different membership levels: (Note these are lifetime purchases on your account)

  • Bronze Member - Sign up and get 3 Reward Points per $1 purchase on products.
  • Silver Member - Spend over $100 and get 4 Reward Points per $1 and 2% off your purchase on products.
  • Gold Member - Spend over $500 and get 5 Reward Points per $1 and 3% off your purchase on products.
  • Platinum Member - Spend over $2000 and get 6 Reward Points per $1 and 4% off your purchase on products.
  • Demon Member - Spend over $5000 and 8 Reward Points per $1 and 5% off your purchase on products.

  • In addition, we will start doing private sales to each member so that they have access to the sales early and not have to worry about the products running out!

    Be sure to check back from time to time as the member benefits will change on a monthly basis!

    *Only orders purchased on a registered account can be calculated, so please sign up now if you haven't already!

    ***ToyDemon reserves the right to remove member status or cancel the program if we find dishonest use or abuse.