FedEx Hold at Location


Why should you choose FedEx Hold at Location?

1. Do you have a nosy roommate or family member that likes to open your packages?

2. Have you ever lost a package that was left outside by the delivery driver?

3. Did you ever miss a delivery on Friday and have to wait until Monday for re-delivery?

By choosing FedEx Hold at Location, no roommate or family member can open your package. No packages will be left outside to get stolen. No deliveries will be missed as you can just go to the FedEx location to pick up your package on Saturday, this includes Walgreens, FedEx Offices (Kinkos), Jewel Osco, and many other places! You are able to maintain maximum privacy and security at no extra cost to you.


Here is how you select FedEx Hold at Location:

From the side cart, please click on "Go to Checkout" to start the process.

At the "Shipping Address" section of the Check Out, simply select "Pick Up at FedEx Location" option on the top and enter a zip code. Select a pick up location for your package to be held at.  Whether it is near your work or home, you can pick it up at your own convenience.

That's it!

You can proceed to the payment section where you can enter a credit card or use PayPal as your payment depending on your location.

Your package will be shipped with FedEx to the location you selected and once the package is ready for pick up, you will receive an email notifying you.

ToyDemon understands how important your privacy is and offer this option to provide the most secure and private way of shipping.

Should you have any questions or issues, please email us and let us know.

An ID is required to pick up the package. Please make sure that the ship to Name matches the ID.

 *We understand that some customers located in the rural areas may not be able to take advantage of the FedEx Hold at Location feature as FedEx has no pick up locations near them. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience.