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Meiki Cherry 2

Availability: Out of stock

From the maker of Meiki Sister masturbator series and Meiki Pure Hip masturbator comes the Meiki Cherry 2 masturbator. The Meiki Cherry 2 masturbator is a scaled down two-hand use masturbator and the upgrade of their original Cherry.


The Meiki Cherry 2 is a dual-hole product combining the best structures from the Koko's other popular product. The vaginal path has realistic textures and structure similar to the one you'll find in Meiki Sister Series and Pure Hip. The anal structure is similar in texture and structure to their anal product Tong Ggo. The material of Meiki Cherry 2 is the same as the material in the popular Meiki Sister Series. It is a soft material that is on par with Meiki Up/Down but just a small margin firmer. The color has also been upgraded in 2011 to be much more realistic and may be a different shade than pictured depending on batch.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.

Additional Information

TD Rating 4 of 5
Designed In South Korea
Brands KOKOS
Material TPE
Usability Reusable
Simulation Vaginal, Anal
# of Holes Two
Construction Single Layer
Hole Design Closed Hole
Lotion Included No
Softness 7
Dimension (L x W x H in.) 6 x 9 x 5.5
Special Features No
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Total : 24 Reviews
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Smaller than I thought Review by Tonytiger
Just got mine yesterday and this thing is about half the size of what I expected:(I read the other reviews before I purchased and some of them commented on the small size but I really had no idea how small this thing actually is(child like is a understatement)I haven't actually used it yet and don't know if I will........Getting over the extremely small size of this thing is going to take some imagination,I guess I'll just have to think of it as a sleeve and not a hip.This thing would be perfect if it was about 4 times as large as it does have a really sexy shape.I've had the pure hip before and that was about as small as I think these toys should go and it was extremely sexy to look at......O'well,I guess I will keep looking for a hip with the realism this thing could of had if only it were more life sized. (Posted on September 20, 2014)

Pros: Quality

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Best of the best! Review by John
I have purchased many items from Toy Demon for self-stimulation. Of all the sleeves and simulated vaginas that I have purchased, the Meiki Cherry 2 is by far the best bang for the buck.
I will start with the "con"... the usability is awkward at first. It is a good 8 pounds to hang on to. It is best designed for two-handed use as if "she" is straddling you, but once you get used to the motion, one-handed use will work.
As for the pros...
The feel is as near to real as you can find in a stimulator! I'm average in size and although the Meiki Cherry 2 is deep enough for someone who is longer, the tightness of the whole channel is perfect.
Durability? I've used the Meiki Cherry 2 far too many times to count over the last several months. Unlike many simulators/sleeves, this product has held up to constant use with only slight tearing to the opening (which does not detract from the overall sensation)
Some reviews mention the exterior as resembling "too young". Yes, the Meiki Cherry 2 has small proportions on the exterior (otherwise it would be 30 pounds!), but the "insides" are that of a full adult woman.
There are very few products I have found that match the quality and feel for me to rate 5 stars... THIS is definitely a product I will purchase again (when it is in stock) whenever the one I own finally needs replacing. Based on how it has held up... that will be in another 8-10 months. Yes, this is a durable product that pays for itself by outlasting lesser-priced products. (Posted on August 17, 2014)

Pros: Sensation, Quality, Value
Cons: Usability

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Dont think just buy it. Review by guest
After waiting for them to restock this product for about 3 or 4 months.
I really have to question why it took them so long.

This thing is awesome.

Its not as intense as the ZYX but the fact that its a hip, and you can actually FUCK it more then makes up for it.
I like how the material is a little stiffer then the onaholes.
I did leave my onahole warmer inside my hip too long and it melted the texture a little.(My fault)
But it still feels insane.

Plus it has a pussy and an asshole!

My only complaint is that the asshole started tearing a little.
I doubt it will get too much bigger and it doesn't effect the performance of the toy , but it does detract from the visuals

Definitely worth the price for sure !

I just hope they have it in stock when I do eventually have to replace it.

(Posted on June 15, 2014)

Pros: Sensation, Usability, Quality, Value

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Wow. Review by Nhia
Just received mine. As always the shipping speed is amazing.

You'll notice that it does carry some weight and that's expected but as a first time hip buyer I was surprised by it's weight so beware first time hip buyers as it is quite the change from sleeves to hips.

The texture is smooth and soft as most Meiki type toys are and is constructed quite nicely. It WILL come with the new product smell but that should go away eventually after some washing and tender care of course. The added curves and butt make this product very nice indeed and a very welcome addition.

NOW to the action. The vaginal opening may seem small to some but it's perfect for the hip. You need only to apply about a quarter size of lube or maybe slightly less than that to feel great once inside. If compared to ZXY I'd say it beats it by quite a few points and quality. Insides were quite nice and honestly I enjoyed it.

ANAL hole section is quite different. I'm no pro at how anal sex feels like so I can't say much. You won't need a whole of lube here either as it felt not as tight as it should. Entry is tricky if you haven't done hips or anal before but you won't have any problems entering if that's your concern. The opening to the anal is nicely sized for averaged size men but I can't say for those who are above average.

Overall I would DEFINITELY recommend this! Don't let the price deter you at all. There's a reason for it and it delivers. I also forgot to mention that it works GREAT for missionary and doggy or whatever you fancy. (Posted on May 7, 2014)

Pros: Sensation, Usability, Quality, Value

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Great buy! Review by Slick
Picked one up on Black friday or cyber monday. This thing makes me want to sell my Meiki Plush doll. This hip makes me weak i cant even last long with this thing. It has a firm inside which makes me more sensitive.I wish they would have made it taller since i bulge the top some times. If they ever made a full torso with longer thighs and breasts id totally buy. they would sell like hott cakes with with quality of materials they are using. But for under $500 please lol. The Toy gives off a smell which some people say its chemically but to me it sorta smells like cherries. I think it will fade in time but at first it fills the air and gets fabrics. It also needs to be powdered else its very sticky and tacky. (Posted on December 18, 2013)

Pros: Sensation, Usability, Quality, Value

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What is TD Rating in product specs?
How private is shipping with this product?
What are the dimensions?
Hi, can I ask if this masturbator is condom friendly? As most condoms are pre-lubricated? Thanks.

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