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Yotsuya Sculpture

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Yotsuya is a new masturbator series from eXe making its debut in America on ToyDemon. This is the Yotsuya Sculpture masturbator.


The structure of Yotsuya is broken down to four unique parts. The beginning entrance is small for a tight fit right from the start. This helps keep more lotion inside during use so you don't have to keep re-lotioning. The middle is where Sculpture is unique from other onaholes. The G-spot is at the bottom of the path instead of the top and there are multiple G-spots on Yotsuya Sculpture's path. This gives you a familiar yet new sensation since female do not have multiple G-spots (that we know of). The end is the tightest part of the path with a thick amount of material for those who like to go a little deeper. The outward appearance of Yotsuya Sculpture is very similar to other realistic onahole under the Meiki name. The material is not as soft as Meiki products but is still considered as soft.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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