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Yoga Biyori

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Biyori series is a new reversible lineup from Love Cloud. This is the Yoga version.

$ 14.95


Just in time for the start of 2016 is Love Cloud's new reversible compact masturbator series called Biyori. Each sleeve has a unique outer design for stimulation when reverse for use.

The Yoga version has symmetrical design between the front and back half of the sleeve. The beginning is tighter with minor crease textures. Move past the beginning to encounter three large directional ribs that targets your in-stoking. From the middle to the end is a mirror image of the textures so far from the beginning. This means three large ribs now targets you out-stoking during use.

Illustrated with a yoga themed packaging design, Yoga Biyori is a unique compact masturbator from Love Cloud in Japan.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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