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WAZ Daruma

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WAZ has continued their "48 Style" series with the new Daruma for fall 2013. The interior is based on positions from the Japanese version of Kama Sutra called "48 Style". This is the Daruma version.
$ 25.95


The "48 style" is the Japanese sex position manual and one of the position is called "Daruma". The position is kind of difficult to explain and something you can look up on google if you are interested in the position behind this item.

The "Daruma" position is the basis for the design of this onahole. Unlike the previous WAZ Treasure Boat which is a small hand masturbator, WAZ Daruma is much bigger and very "meaty". The overall shape is a rectangular box of about 3 by 3 by 6.5 inches instead of the average onahole that is cylindrical. This block form makes the onahole feel heavier than other onahole of similar sized. The interior is a 3D structure with realistic looking wrinkles and grooves. Upon entrance, you'll find a large stimulation bump in the wavy path for immediate pleasure. Passed this stimulation bump to find an even larger stimulation bump that WAZ called "Female Body Wave" for one of a kind stimulation. At the end of the tunnel is where you'll find a vacuum chamber called the "Female Womb Hole" . Vacuum chamber is designed to increasing the feeling of suction when you squeeze the air out as you enter the tunnel. The material is springy yet soft with bumpy textures on the outside for a better grip during use. Made with 3D interior structure and stretchy material, the staff here at TD can't wait to see what WAZ will come up with next.

*Use only water-based lotion with this product.


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