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Virgin Loop Double Motion

  • Ride Japan Brand

  • single layer construction

  • close hole design

  • Silking Touch material

  • made in Japan

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Ride Japan is one of the recent newer Japanese manufacturer starting to gain recognition with their unique sleeve design and material. They are back on ToyDemon for Fall 2017 with their new called Virgin Loop Double Motion.

$ 30.95


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Ride Japan made their debut in America on ToyDemon back in 2013 with Anal Wife Beyond and Trick Girl with favorable reviews from users. Since then, their popularity has grown steadily with new popular sleeves and collaboration projects with Magic Eye. Ride Japan is back for Fall 2017 with their new called Virgin Loop Double Motion.

Virgin Loop Double Motion is one of the more unique design we've seen for 2017. When you open up the entrance, you'll notice right away a “sun” shaped rod in the middle of the tunnel where the hole usually is with numerous circular mini tunnels around it. This rod design along with the tunnel wall design creates a left or right tunnel path when using the sleeve. The rod shifts during use creating a varying experience on one side. Micro ribs run through all interior walls of the sleeve.

The entrance of of Virgin Loop Double Motion is bigger and angled for a better experience during use. The appearance is based on realistic structure with changes to increase durability. The back half is cylindrical and narrower than the entrance for ease of gripping during use.

The material for Virgin Loop Double Motion is Ride Japan's Silking Touch which is the firmest material from Ride Japan. The material compared to other manufacturers' material is by no means super hard and graded as a 6 on ToyDemon's scale but is firm by Ride Japan's standard. The material is smooth to the touch and the firmer material is need to compliment the unique interior design of Virgin Loop Double Motion. Made in Japan of high quality material, Virgin Loop Double Motion is another great addition to Ride Japan's offerings.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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