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Ubu Elder Sister

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ToysHearts has finally release a new item for their sister series in Fall 2013 with Ubu Elder Sister masturbator and its innovative "Micro Through Hole" design.


Ubu Elder Sister is a revolutionary masturbator from ToysHeart. This is the first product to use “Micro Through Hole” structure. The Micro Through Hole structure give you the best of both closed ended and through hole system.

The tunnel of Ubu Elder Sister is technically a through hole. Through hole structure makes cleaning very easy. Simply flush water through continuously until everything is cleared inside. This greatly increase durability of the sleeve since you no longer have to stretch the material to clean. However as the hole is through the entire sleeve, vacuum and suction is completely loss.

The end of Ubu Elder Sister has only a small opening for its through hole. Designed to let you easily close the end with your finger to make the item a closed hole. Once closed, you can maximize the vacuum and suction feeling by squeezing the air out of the sleeve as you enters.

The opening of Ubu Elder Sister is designed for fast and easy insertion. The inner tunnel can be separated into three sections of stimulations. The beginning are a set of directional ribs that are angled to give more stimulation on the out stroke. Pass this area to enter a varying stimulation area where nub covered bumps and ribbed grooves hug all around you. The last section is a ribbed vacuum chamber followed by a larger nub lined vacuum chamber. The double vacuum chambers maximize suction, creates a choke point in between, and can be used as a head massager.

Made with the high-quality "Safe Skin" material to produce the greatest sensation while being soft. This is the same material that was used as others in the sister series. Ubu Elder Sister's size is smaller than the other sister sleeves in order to make it easier to close the hand hole with one hand during use. Ubu Elder Sister is a great improvement for the sister series and fans of ToysHeart sleeve should definitely give Ubu Elder Sister a try.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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