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Turn In Program

Turn In Program


Here at ToyDemon we are always trying our best to provide value to our customers. So we are always thinking about what we can bring to our customers that no one in the industry has. Then something hit us........shops like GameStop and Best Buy will buy back your old games, why can't we do something similar!?! Now, before you jump to the conclusion that ToyDemon is going to resell these old, used toys like Gamestop and Best Buy does with old games, fear not, these toys will be disposed of as soon as we receive them.

If you bought something you don't like from ToyDemon, rather than just throwing it away and wasting the money spent, send it back to us with this new "Turn In Program" and receive store credit on the products that you "Turn In" to ToyDemon. For example, you purchased a Meiki Hera Auoto for $380. After a couple of months later you find yourself not using it anymore, so rather than letting it collect dust or throwing it into the trash, send it to back to ToyDemon and receive 10% of the purchase price as store credit. Now you have $38 to use towards your next toy! Every purchase you make from ToyDemon can potentially help you subsidize your next ToyDemon purchase.


Why don't you just call it a Exchange or Recycle Program?

We want it to be a clear message to our customers that all the toys sent back to us will be DISPOSED. There's NO re-using or recycling or reselling of these products at all. Once we verify the "Turn In" content is correct it will be safely disposed of.


What products are eligible for "Turn In"?

Not all products are eligible for the Turn In Program. Obvious products such as lotions, condoms, and DVDs are not eligible for Turn In. At the start of this program, eligible items bought within one year can be turned in.

To check whether the product is eligible and the value of the Turn In, please check the each product's specification tab:

Turn In Value


So what do I need to do to "Turn In" my toys? Do I need to have a registered account?

1. Please make sure that the toy you purchased was from ToyDemon and from a registered ToyDemon account as we do not accept "Turn In" toys purchased from other shops.

2. The "Turn Ins" are processed through our new RMA system, so it's very important that you have a registered ToyDemon account before you make your purchase. The new RMA system will have a record of all the products you have ordered and process the "Turn In" accordingly.

3. Once you submit your toys to "Turn In" through our RMA system, you will be instructed to ship the toys back to our warehouse for verification and disposal. Just throw all your toys to into one package along with the packing slip and send them back to us. Please remember to update the tracking # once it is available to the RMA system so we can monitor it.

4. Once we receive your package we will verify the content and dispose of it immediately. If everything is verified to be correct, you will receive the store credit shortly within 1-2 business days.


Are all the "Turn In" values the same?

This is a newly launched program and we are testing to see how useful it could be to our customers. The values could be changed in the future once we have more information and data. Right now, everything is set as the value in the Product Page. To best take advantage of a "Turn In", ship back multiple toys at once and receive credit on all the toys that you send back.


We hope that everyone can work with us and bear with us as we try out this new program to benefit our customers. Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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