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Trick Girl

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Hot on the heels of Anal Wife Beyond is Ride Japan’s next sleeve for Fall 2013 called Trick Girl.

$ 29.95


Ride Japan recently made their American debut here on ToyDemon during Fall 2013 with their Anal Wife Beyond. The second sleeve is now available called Trick Girl. With their second sleeve, they went with a different design concept.

Trick Girl incorporates many different designs into one sleeve. The initial entrance is designed to be larger for an easy insertion. The lip of the entrance has large round nubs to get you started in stimulation. Pass this area to find a tight choke point. This point help with lotion retention during use and also mark the beginning of the realistic part of the tunnel. This part has realistic texturing that will remind you of the real experience. Towards the back of the tunnel, the textures changes to provide more stimulation compared to the previous section. At the end of the tunnel is a large vacuum chamber to maximize suction feeling of the sleeve.

The material is stretchy and soft. With a large entrance and tight interior, realistic at the beginning then stimulating at the end, Trick Girl is one tricky sleeve that will keep you guessing.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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