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Träil Rook

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From the high-end mens self-care brand kuudöm comes a new series called Träil. This is the Rook version.


Following the success of Gröömin comes their new through-hole masturbation sleeve for Fall 2013 called Träil. Träil is made from their specially developed material called ECOLAST. ECOLAST it is highly flexible with a smooth texture and no unpleasant smell, giving you a great stimulation along with usability.

Rook has a pointed nub lined interior for an intense stimulation. The outer shape is cylindrical in nature and almost like the top of a Rook Chess piece (hence the Rook name). The bottom of Rook also has pointed nubs around the rim for stimulation when you stroke the Rook all the way to the bottom of your penis. Included with the Rook is the Deep Hot Emotion Lotion to further your experience. Fan of Gröömin should definitely take Träil on for a ride.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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