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Onanism Hole

It's been awhile since we've had a Toys Sakai addition to ToyDemon. They are back in time for the end of 2016 with their new hand masturbator sleeve call “Onanism Hole”.

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Toys Sakai is one of Japan's smaller, older brands that newer ToyDemon customers may not have heard of. However many of their classic, economical, and stimulating, designs were the standards that many new Japanese products were compared to in the past. Now they are back in time for the end of 2016 with their new unique take on hand masturbator sleeve call “Onanism Hole”.

When you look at the pictures and interior design of Onanism Hole a couple features may stand out from other masturbator sleeves. The outside of Onanism Hole has a braided rope like appearance which hints at the design of use. The second feature is that the tunnel widen as the tunnel go towards the end.

Onanism Hole allows you to increase its tightness slightly by a bit of clockwise twisting along the rope grain of the sleeve. The widening of the tunnel allows Onanism Hole to act as a giant vacuum chamber and to allow the material room to twist. Simply squeeze all the air out of the sleeve as you enter to create and maximize suction inside the tunnel. This widening creates one of the stronger suction we've seen in hand masturbators and Onanism Hole's design of unique twisting hand motion was quite enjoyable to use.

The entrance of Onanism Hole is a camel toe, double lip design. Spread the outer lips to see the inner vaginal entrance. Made in Japan using a soft material to complement its twisting design, Onanism Hole is a welcomed addition from an old brand to ToyDemon.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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