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  • ToysLove Brand

  • single layer construction

  • close hole design

  • two hole 69 design

  • special collaboration with Comic Toranoana

  • made in Japan

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ToyDemon is happy to introduce the new Japanese brand ToysLove and their new sleeve Vagipero to America.



ToyDemon is always on the lookout for notable new items and series from Japan. We are happy to introduce the new brand "ToysLove" their new sleeve Vagipero to America for Summer 2016.

The Vagipero is a two hole sleeve with a different concept than many two hole sleeves. Rather than a vaginal and anal tunnel, Vagipero simulates a oral and vaginal tunnel of two females in the “69” position.

The oral tunnel's structure is based on the real thing with changes made by ToysLove to heighten your experience. The tongue structure is lined with various nubs throughout for stimulation. The uvula has also been changed to function as a “stinger” pointed stimulation. The entire oral tunnel is tight and becomes narrower the further you insert into the “throat” area.

The vaginal tunnel's structure is ToysLove reinterpretation of the vaginal tunnel changed for more stimulation. The beginning area has large flesh-like folds that are directed to offer more stimulation during the out stroke. The mid section becomes tighter with micro ribs textures along the wall. The end section increases the tightness with a spiraling node for stimulation.

The outer shape is thick due to the two tunnels but is still within the hand-held range. Made in Japan, Vagipero and ToysLove is a much welcomed addition to ToyDemon.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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