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Plump Real

ToysHeart is welcoming Spring 2017 with another great new sleeve called Plump Real.

$ 44.95


ToysHeart is welcoming Spring 2017 with another great new sleeve called Plump Real. Plump Real's interior design is base on the realistic structure of the female form with changes made to further enhance the experience. For Plump Real, the theme of the sleeve is a realistic yet meaty hugging experience. This is achieved with the tunnel's special shape. The tunnel is long and flat bowing even tighter into the clearance rather than the circle or oval many other sleeve uses. This creates a tighter experience and more pressure along the top and bottom of the sleeve. The walls completely surround you throughout most of the sleeve also due to this design.

The end of the tunnel is a vacuum chamber and a stimulation stinger to kick up the stimulation at the very end. Simply squeeze out the air within the tunnel as you enter to maximize the suction sensation.

The width of the sleeve is narrow to allow you to apply more stimulation with your hand during use. The entrance is tapered in for a fast insertion into the sleeve. The material for Plump Real is made with ToysHeart Fresh Skin material used in many of their newer popular products like campus life series. Fresh Skin is designed to be smooth to the touch with low amount of odor. Made in Japan of the highest Japanese quality, Plump Real is another great sleeve from ToysHeart.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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