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Tora Tora Platinum 045: Yuka Osawa (Akira Elly)

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The super popular Akira Elly's uncensored video back when she was named Yuka Osawa!


Japanese videos and DVDs has always been censored. ToyDemon has come to your rescue with our collection of uncensored DVDs featuring some of the hottest Japanese actions.

Akira Elly has become very popular in 2012. Her Perverted Insult 4 hole and D-HOLE are very popular items on ToyDemon. The ToyDemon staff went through many videos catalogs when we finally found her uncensored video under her previous AV name Yuka Osawa. The theme of this DVD is about a young wife played by Akira Elly who is not satisfied with the action she's getting from her husband and decides to enter the world of Japanese AV. See Akira Elly in a number of action including sex toy play, shiofuki, hounyo, nakadashi (cream pie), oral, and more! This DVD is perfect for fans of Akira Elly and her toys.


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