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Tia's Onaho!

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King continues to add to their masturbator lineup with collaboration between high profile companies in Japan. This time they collaborated with E-Body's Southern Japanese Beauty Tia for Tia's Onaho! Masturbator.
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King continues to bring you great onahole options with great actresses. This time it's E-Body's Tia for Tia's Onaho! Tia's Onaho! is constructed using the dual layer construction similar to King's Onanie Impression. This dual-layer design allow a softer material on the outside but a more stimulating material on the inside. The inside tunnel is the first realistic structured tunnel in King's lineup. It is a scaled version of the female vaginal tunnel. The cervix like structure at the end also act as a vacuum chamber. Simply squeeze the end as you enter to increase the suction feeling.

The outer shape is a cylinder with two slight finger grooves for a better grip. The entrance is a scaled labia lip with a small opening for a tight entry and lotion retaining. This item comes with a PEPEE sample lotion to get you started right away and a storage bag for use after you're done. The box features the lovely Tia with her southern Japanese beauty and erotically enticing body for your visual enjoyment. The packaging box design is King's "Bukkake" box. Open the box up at the push open location and along the perforated line to reveal the lovely picture of Tia requesting you to give her full-bukkake action!

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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