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TENGA Rolling Head Cup

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One of the original TENGAs, the TENGA Rolling Head has flexible folds in the mid section that allows you to twist and turn for maximum stimulation.
$ 11.95


The TENGA Rolling Head Cup is designed with flexible folds at the mid section that allows you to do up-and-down, side-to-side, front-to-back, or just simple circular motion while holding on to the top of the tube. These motions combined with the soft massaging nubs in the silicon sleeve will stimulate both the head and shaft of your penis, simulating the cowgirl position. In addition, the air hole on the top of the tube can be covered up for a stronger suction experience. The other unique feature of the TENGA Rolling Head Cup is the ability to simultaneously massage the tip of your penis with the rolling motion while doing the piston motion with the rest of the tube.


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