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TENGA Flip Hole Red

The most stylish masturbator, the TENGA Flip Hole, has a sequel in 2012. The TENGA Flip Hole Red masturbator is the latest in the TENGA Flip Hole series with an all new set of interior structures.
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TENGA Flip Hole Red is the 2012 USA sequel to the ultra popular TENGA Flip Hole and the next step in the evolution of male toys. With an all new set of interior structures including the Scrum Brush, Grind Rib, Mash Rib and Tight Brush, it is designed to be different from the standard TENGA onacups and the other TENGA Flip Holes. It uses the the same revolutionary flip design for cleaning and the expandable mid-section for different sized girth. TENGA has included a mini set of 3 different lotions named real, mild, and wild for further customization of the ultimate experience.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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