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TENGA EGG S3 3 Pack Limited Edition

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One of the most innovative masturbators from TENGA. TENGA EGG Season 3 part 2 is a limited edition TENGA EGG masturbator that were the runner up in voting for Season 3. The bundle includes 3 Special Edition variations: Blaster, Zebra, and Spicy.


TENGA continues to surprise us with great innovation and design. The newly launched Japanese TENGA EGGs Season 3 Special Edition continues to put the word "Fun" into adult pleasure. These little eggs are made out of a revolutionary material and are very compact in size, but will stretch and expand into larger size and shape. With a sophisticated patterned internal design similar to other TENGA products, the egg delivers a whole new sensation with its unbelievable stretchability. TENGA EGG Season 3 part 2 are a limited edition TENGA EGGs that were the runner up in voting for the original Season 3.

You will receive one of each unique Season 3 Limited Edition Egg in the bundle: Blaster, Zebra, and Spicy.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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