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Superb Fella

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A-One of Japan has been on a tear in 2011. Superb Fella is a oral masturbator that simulates blowjob toy from them.


The Superb Fella, as the name suggests, give a great sensation of a fellatio. ToyDemon staff love each of the four features of the Superb Fella.

First feature is the wide opening of the mouth. The opening is wider than other similar fellatio products and allows for a fast insertion and sloppiness during use which may not be a bad thing for some.

The second feature is the tongue structure just inside the entrance. Although not an original feature(very similar to Fera Zoma), it is a great speed bump during your stroke.

The third feature is the "Back of the Throat" bump for an added bonus when going deep.

Finally, the end is a vacuum chamber. Simply squeeze the air out of the back vacuum chamber as you start entering will add a slight suction feeling to your experience.

All of the features added together has produced a great product for oral lovers everywhere.


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