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Superb Fella 2

Follow up to the Superb Fella oral masturbator, the Superb Fella 2 will try to one-up the original with this blowjob toy in 2012.
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The Superb Fella 2, as the name suggests, is the second oral product from A-One.

Just as each person gives different oral, A-One is offering Superb Fella 2 with a different set of sensations from the original. The biggest difference with the Superb Fella 2 is the material is now a dual-layer structure. This allows for a more stimulating experience while still feeling soft when you are holding it.

The mouth has been changed to a small circular opening. This gives more suction and is less sloppy compared to the Superb Fella. The small opening also helps with lotion retention so that you don't have to take breaks to apply more lotion. The roof of the mouth is now lined with nubs for more stimulation. The tongue too has changed shape for a more directed tip of the tongue feeling. As you enter the back for a deep throat experience, a throat bump and tightness awaits.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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