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Sugoman 4 Inca

ToyDemon is excited to add a second offering from Enjoy Toys to America for 2015. This one is the forth installment from their Sugoman series called Sugoman 4 Inca.

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ToyDemon is always ready to bring you new and exciting items from up and coming manufacturers from around the world. ToyDemon is excited to bring the Japanese company Enjoy Toys to America for 2015. This is the second Enjoy Toys to arrive at ToyDemon and is the forth installment from their Sugoman series called Sugoman 4 Inca.

You may be asking what happened with the previous three Sugoman series? There are often time “growing pains” at the beginning as a new manufacturer refine their craft. Although ToyDemon is informed of new manufacturers when they first come on to the scene, we usually wait until there is a good offering before bringing the item to America. This is the case here with the fourth installment of the Sugoman series.

Sugoman 4 Inca is a compact hand masturbator that is a closed-hole with a thin set dual-layer construction. Closed-hole masturbators allow for a better suction in the tunnel than through-hole design. The dual-layer of Sugoman 4 Inca is a thin set dual-layer. The inner layer is made from a more stimulating material. This layer is allowed to melt into and fused with the outer softer material. The result is a soft tactile feeling when you are holding the item without sacrificing the stimulation.

The tunnel textures of Sugoman 4 Inca is organic in nature with designed to be a little bit more mellow than other sleeves. Five slanted stimulation ribs inside are the main source of stimulation for Sugoman 4 Inca. The outer appearance of the sleeve and even box art has a Magic Eyes feel to it. The entrance is vaginal with very exaggerated lips (almost “Monster” like?) for some possible head massaging. The sides of the sleeve has groves for a better grip during use.

Made in Japan using high quality material and being very economical, ToyDemon is excited to offer Sugoman 4 Inca from Enjoy Toys for your nightly pleasure.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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