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Soft Real Double Spiral

Soft Real Double Spiral from ToysHeart is one of the newest item to arrive on ToyDemon for winter 2014.

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Soft Real Double Spiral is the newest ToysHeart item on ToyDemon for the start of winter 2014. It doesn't get any more literal of a name for this new ToysHeart item. Soft Real Double Spiral is soft like real skin with a double spiral interior.

The first half of Soft Real Double Spiral's tunnel design is base on a “W” spiral design concept that produces two different cross section with a 90 degree turn of its tunnel. Called Double Spiral due to the tunnel's wall texture being a set of spiraling ribs twisting down the twisted path in its first half. After the spiral area, you will find the tight nub lined chamber for stimulation. At the end of the tunnel is a choke point that leads to a vacuum chamber. Simply squeeze the air out of the tunnel as you enter to maximize suction of the sleeve.

The entrance is tapered in to make insertion faster and easier. A set of grooves here called the “Wet Groove” helps to hold lotion for reapplication during stoking. The material used for Soft Real Double Spiral is the soft version of ToysHeart's Fine Cross. The Fine Cross material is known for its durability and elasticity. The new soft formula has been a welcomed addition to their material lineup. Made in Japan of the highest Japanese quality, Soft Real Double Spiral is another great offering from ToysHeart.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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