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Soft Boobs OnaDoll

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Tamatoys has release their newest masturbator in the body shape form since the limited edition “Seductive Juicy Tits” onahole. Soft Boobs OnaDoll use a soft material and special design for a unique stimulating experience.


Soft Boobs OnaDoll is a hand held masturbator in a tiny body form. The interior tunnel is nub lined in a linear pathway for a better stimulation. The first half of the tunnel uses directional nubs that target the in stroke while the back half targets the out stroke. The entrance is slightly colored for a more realistic appearance. The entrance is small for a tight fit with the added bonus of lotion retention. Made with stretchy material that conforms to your shape and comes with the Super Pure Lotion from Tamatoys. The cover features a voluptuous anime character in cosplay for your fantasy.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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