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SI-X Type G

The popular SI-X compact masturbator series from ToysHeart just got two more additions to start out the 2014 on ToyDemon. This is the Type G gorgeous-X masturbator.
$ 11.95


Since its arrival on ToyDemon, the SI-X series has become very popular due to its unique combination of simulation, durability, safety, and economy. ToysHeart took their "Fine Cross" material that was known for its durability and safety and made it into a foam structure for the SI-X. This made the material softer and more elastic without sacrificing "Fine Cross" original durability.

This is Type G for the SI-X series. G is short for gorgeous because this sleeve is a thing of beauty. There are four different stimulation zones for the sleeve beyond the entrance. Each of these zone with its distinctive textures combines to provides a unique experience.

The beginning entrance is tight to help keep the lotion inside during use. Passed the entrance to enter the stimulation ball area. A series of checkered ribbed balls at the top and bottom create a strong stimulation right at the beginning. Move beyond this area to enter the wave zone. Parallel and perpendicular rib in a wavy patterns change up your experience. Pass the mid point to experience a mellow tightening when the parallel ribbed wall narrows in four rounded steps. The end is a vacuum chamber with slight nubs for head massaging and to maximize the suction sensation. Simply squeezing the air out of the end as you enter to maximize the suction sensation of the SI-X Type G.

To many, the best feature of the SI-X series is the price. SI-X offers such a great masturbator but is priced at one of the lowest for a reusable hand masturbator. This unique combination make SI-X a fan favorite and with amazing new design like Type G, SI-X is hard to beat.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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