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Shinki 01 Erika Kitagawa

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ToysHeart is starting summer 2014 off with some great offerings including the debut of their Shinki series of masturbators.


For the first product in the Shinki series, ToysHeart is collaborating with the lovely Erika Kitagawa to create a sleeve worthy of her namesake. Shinki 01 Erika Kitagawa's design is separated into three stimulation concepts. The beginning third of the tunnel has four nubs and ribs covered nodes designed to give a tight sensation of a realistic vagina wall muscle. The middle section increases stimulation level with many ribbed and nub covered bumps designed to target your stroking. The end section is a vacuum chamber to maximize suction. Simply squeeze the air out of the chamber while inserting to increase suction.

The material for Shinki 01 Erika Kitagawa is ToysHeart's “Safe Skin”. “Safe Skin” is safe, gentle, and produce a great sensation. "Safe Skin" has also been used in many of ToysHeart's best sellers like R-20 and the Sisters series. Made in Japan of the highest Japanese quality, Shinki 01 Erika Kitagawa is one of many great offering from ToysHeart.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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