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Rika's Onaho!

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King continues to add to their masturbator lineup with collaboration between high profile companies in Japan. This time they collaborated with Idea Pocket’s Rika Hoshimi for Rika’s Onahole! Masturbator.


King continues to bring you great onahole options with great actresses. This time it’s Idea Pocket’s Rika Hoshimi for Rika’s Onahole! Rika’s Onahole! Is a long and slender type onahole similar to the Super Komeki Long serie. Just from looking at the entrance, you know that the item is designed to be tight with its small entrance hole. The tunnel of Rika’s Onaho! has slight bumps and groove for a mellow sensation. The material of Rika’s Onaho! is formed with a foam like structure to make it more springy to the touch. Combined with the thin and slender design, Rika’s Onaho! will transfer the force of your grip to your penis.

This item comes with a PEPEE sample lotion to get you started right away and a storage bag for use after you're done. The box features the sassy and active Japanese AV actress Rika Hoshimi. The packaging box design is King's "Bukkake" box. Open the box up at the push open location and along the perforated line to reveal the lovely picture of Rika requesting you to give her full-bukkake action! Tighter or more mellow, the choice is yours with Rika’s Onaho!

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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