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Ona Shaker Cleaning Kit

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Many new users of masturbators often struggles to clean their item. Rends has come up with their novel solution with Ona Shaker Cleaning Kit.


A problem many masturbator users has which is how to best clean their item. Rends' solution is the Ona Shaker Cleaning Kit.

The Ona Shaker Cleaning Kit has a wire frame to expand the tunnel inside a container. First place the sleeve on the wire frame then fill the container with about ½ to 2/3 full of warm water. Close the lid, sleeve, and wire frame into the container and shake the container to rinse the inside and outside of the sleeve. Open the lid and drain the water out. Take the sleeve off the wire frame and allow to air dry.

*Note: the cleaning kit can only be used with sleeve that can fit easily on the wire frame with the lid completely closed. We recommend sleeve no longer than 6 and no wider than 3 for use with Ona Shaker Cleaning Kit.


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