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MILQUEEN is the latest breasts toy for Spring 2016 from Rends, the maker of some of the most innovative masturbators on the market.

$ 134.95


From Rends the maker of such innovations such as A10 Piston and A10 Cyclone, comes a new breast replica for Spring 2016 on ToyDemon called MILQUEEN. MILQUEEN is the equivalent of the Japanese I cup size for all the boobs lovers out there.

The material of MILQUEEN uses a total of three different material. The nipples are made from a harder material for more realism when you squeeze them. The touchable surface of MILQUEEN is made from a material to create the perfect skin-like tactile feel. The inside of each breast is a very soft material to simulate the suppleness and springiness of a breast. At 2000g / 4.4 lbs, it is one of the biggest/heaviest on the market and a must for breast lovers everywhere.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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