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Real Erotic Play

After the success of the Real Deep Throat masturbator, ToysHeart has applied its innovation for its Real masturbator series sequel in Real Erotic Play for summer 2014.
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ToysHeart's maturbators has been a fan favorite and one of the best selling sleeves in Asia due to their many innovations in material durability, tunnel design, and textural concepts. They have finally release their sequel to their “Real” series for summer 2014 with the new Real Erotic Play.

The first in the series, Real Deep Throat concentrated on providing an unique oral experience to the user. This time Real Erotic Play as the name suggest is designed to provide a realistic vaginal experience. The entrance of Real Erotic Play is curved and tapers in around the opening. The design allows are fast and easy insertion while also increasing the durability of the opening. Pass the opening to find the first stimulation zone with a bump covered node at the top for a targeted stimulation. Pushing into the mid section is there the tunnel tightens and curves up. This area simulate the condition of an aroused vagina with the vaginal wall tightening. The rounded groove channel provides the stimulation in this area while holding and reapplying lotion during your stroking. The final section of the tunnel stimulate the cervix and uterus structure. The cervix structure acts as a head massager but act as a choke point if you push through. The end uterus structure acts as a vacuum chamber and allows for further head massaging. Simply squeeze the air out of the vacuum chamber and tunnel as you enter to maximize suction.

Made with ToysHeart’s Nano Skin material . The structure of this material is the evolution of the foam like structure ToysHeart has recently developed. Instead of the tiny bubbles, the material now has nano bubbles structure. This allows the material to feel softer and spongier than all other ToysHeart material without sacrificing durability. Durable, stimulating, realism, and economical, all these features combine to make Real Erotic Play a great choice for beginners and experienced user alike.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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