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R-20 Puni

The original R-20 has always been a fan favorite here at ToyDemon. ToysHeart is release its sequel for 2015 called R-20 Puni.

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ToysHeart's R-20 Puni is the shorter and thicker version of R-20. Featuring a 3D tunnel using micro ribbing, stimulation nodes, nubs, cervix choke point, and nubbed vacuum chamber in creating this unique sequel.

Enter the redesigned tighter entrance that is still easy to insert against a ring of parallel ribs that helps lotion retention. Continue down to experience the stimulation node and three rows of mini rib bumps. At the middle is where you'll find micro textured walls with similarly textured nodes leading to the cervix choke point. Squeeze pass this area to finally arriving at the end vacuum chamber. To take full advantage of the vacuum chamber, simply squeeze the air out of the sleeve as you enter to maximize this suction design. You can also rotate the sleeve when you reach the end for pointed stimulation.

The material of R-20 Puni is “Safe Skin”. “Safe Skin” is safe, gentle, and produce a great sensation. "Safe Skin" was used in the original R-20 and many of their most popular series like their Sisters series. Made in Japan of the highest Japanese quality, R-20 Puni is a must for fans of the original R-20.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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