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Puni Ana SPDX

  • three different material design

  • “U” shape through-hole

  • vaginal and anal hole

  • scaled body

  • skeletal structure

  • over 12 inches

  • almost 9 pounds

  • Show Full Specifications

Puni Ana SPDX is the new scaled bodied onahole from the new brand "Feel So Good" brand just in time for the end of 2015. *Due to cultural sensibility difference, this item comes plain without its Japanese packaging.

$ 204.95


ToyDemon is always on the lookout for notable new items and series from Japan. We are happy to introduce the new brand "Feel So Good" to America. This is their Puni Ana SPDX new scaled bodied onahole masturbator for the end of 2015 with some of the latest onahole features on the market. It features a triple layer material for the vaginal tunnel as will as a “U” construction through hole.

From the front of Feel So Good's Puni Ana SPDX, it looks like a regular scaled body onahole with a vaginal and anal entrance. However these two tunnels are actually one tunnel that goes in from one entrance and out the other in a “U” like shape. This unique design makes cleaning extremely easy by continually flushing water through the tunnel until clean.

As mentioned above, Feel So Good's Puni Ana SPDX's vaginal tunnel is made using what they call triple layer design. ToyDemon would call the tunnel itself more as a three section double dual-layer design. As you may know, dual-layer design is where the outside of the masturbator is made from one type of material for tactile and gripping with another is lines the inside to create a sensation not possible with the outer material. Feel So Good's Puni Ana SPDX's vaginal tunnel has a soft, mellower, hugging type of material lining the front half while a more soft but giving material lines the back half of the tunnel to give a varying experience. The textures of the vaginal tunnel uses an organically inspired design but is very subtle to compliment the soft material. The vaginal path has a slight wave form for varying the pressure during use.

Feel So Good's Puni Ana SPDX's anal tunnel use the original outer material which is a soft material that is more resilient for a tighter sensation. The design of the tunnel is linear and lined with small ribs and nubs for stimulation.

The outer shape of Feel So Good's Puni Ana SPDX is a scaled down body shape. One of the most common complaint for this type of onahole masturbator in this size is that the entire item tends to bend and flop during use. Such issues causes a lot of distraction during use and is a turn off for a lot of people. Feel So Good has solved this problem by embedding a malleable skeleton structure in the body around the tunnels. This structure allows you to use the Puni Ana SPDX in all sorts of upright positions. At over 12 inches in length, the Puni Ana SPDX is definitely a welcomed addition to ToyDemon and a great scaled body option for fans everywhere.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product. Due to cultural sensibility difference, this item comes plain without its Japanese packaging.


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