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Perverted: Eiro Chika

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The Perverted Eiro Chika masturbator is a product from the Natural Meiki line in 2012.


The Perverted Eiro Chika masturbator is a two in one union-hole. The top and bottom half are individual onaholes that can be combined into one dual-entrance hole. ToyDemon recommends using plastic wrap around the two onaholes to keep them together when used as a dual-entrance hole. The vaginal onahole has realistic texturing while the anal onahole is more linear path with ribbing.

The product also comes with Eiro Chika inspired panty along with her DVD. Note: DVD is Japanese mosaic censored video. Lotion is also included with the product to get you going right out of the box. The material is firmer than other products on the market but at the same time it is very springy in nature, and not seen in many other products.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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