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Peach Pai

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The ToysHeart Peach Pai masturbator uses ToysHeart's "Fine Cross" material but in a new manner to produce a new softer and more elastic material without sacrificing durability.


The overall structure of the Peach Pai masturbator is curved for more stimulation than straight path products. The entrance has a large air valve that will retain the vacuum and lotion while in use for long lasting enjoyment. Large warts line the walls at the beginning to give you a gentle stimulation while the "Kari Finisher" gives you more stimulation towards the end. The "Pomp Area" is the vacuum inducing chamber at the end which adds a new dimension to your experience. Simply squeeze the air out as you start entering the hole for great suction feeling when using this product.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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