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Onasheet Monster G

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Leave it to MagicEyes to create something completely different and out of the ordinary. Ona-Sheet is their latest offering for Fall 2013. This is the Monster G masturbator.


Ona-sheet is a versatile “masturbation sheet”. These sheets are textured for different types of stimulation and their sheet shape allowing for a multitude of use. The most obvious use is straight-up hand masturbation. Use the ona-sheet over your hand and it’ll feel better than your fingers. It will also keep the lube and messy away from your finger. The sheet shape also makes it easier to clean than most masturbator on the market.

The second use is that the ona-sheet is a modder’s best friend. Double up two ona-sheet to make a dual layer sleeve or mod up your existing masturbator if you are handy enough. You can even change up those breast toys that just isn’t stimulating enough.

The third is the offering for cup users who wants to reuse their onacups. In order to make onacups economical, the manufacturer uses sponge foam as a spacer between the hard outer shell and the inner thin sleeve. This foam isn’t high quality and breaks down if you tried to clean it. MagicEyes suggest using the ona-sheet as the replacement spacer for your onacup.

The ona-sheet isn’t just for guys either, using it as a cover to massaging wand to change up the vibrating sensation.

This ona-sheet is the Monster G version. One of the thing that customers miss about the Monster Wet series is that dual-layer sleeves like Monster G can’t be flipped inside out. The Monster G ona-sheet has the texture of Monster G sleeve’s outer texturing which has a great wavy line and large nub pattern.

*Use only water-based lotion with this product.


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