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Ona Dream

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Have a Dream-like masturbation experience with the Ona Dream masturbation cup from ToysHeart.


This new onacup has combined some of the most popular cup features into one. The start of the tunnel is a screw twist texture for an unique sensation. After that is the nub chamber for a pin point stimulating experience. Next section of the tunnel is ribbed while becoming narrower for a tighter feeling into a nub finger chamber with stingers at the end.

Other features on the Ona Dream masturbation cups are: lotion retaining lip design, heat trapping layer to keep the insider warmer during use, "silencer" for those who don't like noisy onacup, and a better vacuum design. All these features added together make one very unique onacup.

*Note: Please remove air hole cover before use. The item is not pre-lubed and must be lubed up before use.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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