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Ona Can

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The ToysHeart OnaCan masturbator is a twisting realistic textured onahole from ToysHeart in 2012.


ToysHeart has added a number of their unique designs in the OnaCan masturbator. The entrance is small and helps in keeping the lotion inside during use. The textures are realistic with alternations between skin fold like ribbing and bumps. The hole is non-linear and takes a twisting spiral going down the hole for a unique stimulation.

The material of OnaCan is ToysHeart's "Pure Powder". The "Pure Powder" was developed by ToysHeart in 2008 after many feedbacks from customers. Biggest complaint from users were the oily feeling on all the other products on the market. Pure Powder is soft to the touch and odorless and without all the oil that bleeds out of other toys.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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