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Nyuru-Man is a new compact through-hole sleeve from P x P x P for fall 2014.


Nyuru-Man is a new compact sleeve from P x P x P for fall 2014. The interior tunnel of Nyuru-Man is a through-hole design. Through-hole sleeves has the tunnel going completely through the entire sleeve. The biggest advantage of a through-hole design is that it makes cleaning extremely easy. Simply run water continuously through the hole until clean. Even though cleaning is easier, Through-hole does have the disadvantage of losing its suction. Nyuru-Man's through-hole however gets around this disadvantage with its tiny tube outlet. By pressing the end of the tunnel, the exit is closed off and you'll be able to enjoy Nyuru-Man like a closed-hole sleeve.

The texture of Nyuru-Man is a mixture of traditional ribs, nubs, and organic looking textures. At the entrance the organic textures changes to the tight ribs at you enter the item. Beyond the middle section, the stimulation increase as the texture changes into various sized nubs with a large node on the bottom.

The material of Nyuru-Man is a dual layer construction. This dual-layer design allow a softer material on the outside but a more stimulating thin set material on the inside. Dual-layer design basically gives you the best of both worlds. The size of Nyuru-Man is compact to be easily used one handed. Nyuru-Man is a great option for those looking to add a small masturbator that is ultra easy to use and clean to their masturbation experience.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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