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Nurse's CQ Insert

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Ride Japan is one of the recent new Japanese manufacturer starting to gain recognition with their sleeves. Now they are back from their Magic Eyes collaboration for Summer 2015 with their latest sleeve called Nurse's CQ Insert.

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Ride Japan made their debut in America on ToyDemon back in 2013 with Anal Wife Beyond and Trick Girl with favorable reviews from users. Now they're back on ToyDemon for Summer 2015 with their latest sleeve called Nurse's CQ Insert.

The overall structure of the Nurse 's CQ Insert is based on a realistic design of the vaginal tunnel leading to the Cervix/Fornix structure ending in a Uterus like chamber. This design will creates a tight and stimulating zone as you push through the Cervix with a hugging penis head massaging in the end chamber.

The textures of Nurse 's CQ Insert is a combination of organic looking veins and bumpy grooves along with more stimulating nubs to offer an unique experience.

The entrance is a realistic looking vaginal opening with a tight insertion right from the start. The body of the sleeve is textured and has finger grooves for a ergonomic design.

Ride Japan's Bungee Touch material is used for this sleeve. Bungee Touch material is the same material used in their other items on ToyDemon like Anal Sensei, and the WAZ series. Bungee Touch is very soft, stretchy, more durable, and safe. Made in Japan of high quality material, let this “nurse” heat up your masturbating experience.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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