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Extreme Pleasure Hip Shinsei

Hip lovers rejoice, Extreme Pleasure Hip ShinSei has arrived on ToyDemon.

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The original Meiki Extreme Pleasure Hip has been so popular that NPG is making their own version calling it Nippori-version Extreme Pleasure Hip Shinsei. Although no longer a part of the Meiki series, everthing you loved from the origin is back in a similar fashion with similar realistic looking vaginal and anal tunnel textures. The size and weight has slightly increased on the Extreme Pleasure Hip Shinsei but the biggest difference comes at the vaginal experience. The vaginal tunnel has been upgraded to a thin-set dual layer design. Dual layer construction allows the outside material to be soft to grip while the interior is lined with a thin layer of harder material for more stimulation. Thin-set dual layer is where the harder material is thinner and allowed to melt into and fused with the outer softer material which makes every item slightly unique. The body end is flat and angled allowing it to be conveniently used in a multitude of positions. With so many new hips now coming into the market, Extreme Pleasure Hip ShinSei is ready to claim its place as the top Japanese Hip.

Important Note: Manufacturer stated that due to the weight of this product, minor crease may be visible on the surface of the toy. This does not affect the function and usage of the product in any way and is not consider a defect.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.

Additional Information

TD Rating 5 of 5
Designed In Japan
Brands NPG
Material PVC (phthalate free)
Usability Reusable
Simulation Vaginal, Anal
# of Holes Two
Construction Single and Dual Layer
Hole Design Closed Hole
Lotion Included Yes
Softness 8
Net Weight (in lb) 12.125
Dimension (L x W x H in.) 9.25 x 10.25 x 6.5
Tunnel Dimension (in.) Length: 6.00 in. Width: Max 0.375 in. Min 0.0625 in / Anal Tunnel 6.00 in. Width: Max 0.375 in. Min 0.0625
Special Features No
Warranty None
Turn In Value 10% of the purchased price
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Decent but lesson learned. Review by Eric
Experience: Beginner (1 - 5 products owned) Age: N/A Length: N/A Girth: N/A
As my first Hip, I expected the world from this so part of my negativity is probably just the disappointment from expecting so much.

THE SOFTNESS of the product is unreal however it's not quite as firm as i'd like. Trying to grip it often feels like gripping firm jello. Leaves you with the worry it might tear even though it won't. There is no firmness to the hip so it's like lifting 10lbs of heavy jello again and again and again. Good, yet a little aggravating.

SENSATION: The vaginal tunnel feels amazing however it is severely lacking in grip. I'm not small by any means exceeding 7+ with 5 circumference and I barely feel the grip on it. When rocking it back and forth you can feel every ridge and bump that brings it VERY close to the sensation of an actual vagina but the lack of grip almost ruins it. Between the effort of lifting it up and down repeatedly and the near lack of sensation makes it almost not worth the effort. The anal canal is tighter(barely) but the sensation of the ridges are second to the vaginal tunnel. It leaves a lot to be desired.

CLEANING the hip is naturally a pain in the ass with no openings but if you have a big ol' syringe, you can flush it out no problem. For drying I merely take a soft towel, put it on a stick and swirl it around inside.

Overall: It's big, it's fun, the heft, weight and softness of it play tricks with the mind allowing you to imagine it being an actual woman however it's borderline TOO soft making grip difficult to position. The sensation I would probably leave it at a 6/10 for the vaginal tunnel and a 5/10 for the anal tunnel. It's lack of tightness severely hurts it but at least the texture of the vaginal tunnel makes up for it a bit. The anal tunnel doesn't have that texture unfortunately.

Between the difficult to clean and maneuver along with the lack of sensation, for the price, i'd return it if I could and stick to a flesh light.

Pros: Sensation, Quality, Value
Cons: Sensation, Usability

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I addicted for this Toy Like wife. Review by HEEJUNG
Experience: Beginner (1 - 5 products owned) Age: N/A Length: N/A Girth: N/A
OMG.. This was so good. I never forgot this Toy.

Feeling of pussy is almost same as wife. Awesome.

You guys can customize pants if wants.

Pros: Quality, Value

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Best money can buy Review by drew
Experience: Intermediate (4 - 10 products owned) Age: N/A Length: N/A Girth: N/A
I've owned dozens of fleshlights, I have a pipedream hip toy, and a couple meiki toys, and let me tell you this thing is the winner, the other reviews go more in depth why it's so good, but trust me it's worth the money on sale at $260, even $300 it's worth it by far.
Seriously if you have the cash to spend, you won't regret this masterpiece.

Pros: Sensation, Quality, Value

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Best Hip Toy Money Can Buy Review by Demonsuser
Experience: Expert (10+ products owned) Age: N/A Length: N/A Girth: N/A
My favorite part of this toy is flipping it upside down and using the anal entrance. The sheer weight of the toy as you stroke inside and out creates an incredible rebound effect that makes it feel like it's pushing against you on its own.

One con of the weight is that it takes quite some energy to change positions and maneuver the toy in general but the positive trade off is that it is really satisfying to feel the fullness of the toy which creates a unique experience that only hip toys can create vs stand alone meiki's. The toy is super soft and it's fun to squeeze and slap the butt cheeks as you go to town.

There are some durability issues I've noticed since the pussy entrance uses a dual layer construction. Unfortunately I've noticed some peeling in the dual layer but it's not enough that it detracts from the sensation. The anal section is a single layer and it is completely fine.

Cleaning is a hassle with this toy but you've probably already guessed that. It barley fits in my sink but I've been able to wash it by running under the faucet.

Overall, if you've never tried a hip toy, this is the one to get. That or the other Extreme Hip. Hands free is the the way to go; trust me on that!

Pros: Sensation, Quality, Value
Cons: Usability

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Breathtaking and perfect for me. Review by Zamentor
Experience: Expert (10+ products owned) Age: N/A Length: N/A Girth: N/A
Appearance – 5/5: Big and hefty, slightly larger than her predecessor Meiki EPH. This hip takes some muscling to move around, and can double as an early morning biceps workout in cowgirl position. Soft to the touch with meaty, well-rounded buttocks that cry out for slapping.

Sensation – 5/5: I am a sucker for the soft touch, as my sessions are measured in hours rather than minutes. I can’t tolerate anything with a level less than 8 on the ToyDemon softness scale. EPH Shinsei compares favorably with the original highly rated Meiki EPH. The single biggest difference is the slightly more textured vaginal passage aided by the dual layer material. I compared the two sisters side by side and the vaginal sensation for both are jaw-droppingly exquisite, with the EPH Shinsei edging slightly out in front. The anal passages for both feel identical, and at full erection and intense libido, these passages are to die for.

Compared to Real Sex – 6/5: I would not have believed that it was possible to beat the real thing. On the one hand I have experienced pussies that could only be described as “meh”. On the other hand, a small handful of past lovers have had me shaking like a leaf in a fall breeze. Considering that sex with a hip does not have the emotional and kissing components that accompany sex with a lover, the Meiki EPH Shinsei beats the pants off almost all my past girl friends from a purely physical sensation perspective

Ease of Use – 5/5: Both front and rear vaginal entry were delicious, and placed on a table worked easily for me. In cowgirl I found the sensation almost too much and had to limit my time to a few seconds for fear of ending the show. The anal passage was very smooth and had a slight right-hand bend at the end, which could be a manufacturing defect. This turned out to be a bonus when using the hip in a side-entry position, and the bend provided a yummy upward or downward pressure on my head at full penetration. I preferred the use of a lube diluted 50/50 with water to provide heightened sensations on an otherwise very soft pair of tunnels. I had a mind-blowing experience when I used a vibrating bullet in the anal passage.

Cleaning - 4/5: Hips are tough to clean. Live with it. Get a flexible rubber hose, an enema water-bottle or a gentle bottle-brush. Then use hand soap and lots of lukewarm water. A small price to pay for the joy you get from using the hip.

Final Rating – 5/5: Pretty damn spectacular, and well worth the price. There were brief moments during use where I could not believe the cadence of exquisite sensations flooding my body. I am not usually vocal when using a toy, but with both Meiki EPH and EPH Shinsei, I am one noisy fella!

Pros: Sensation, Usability, Quality
Cons: Value

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