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  • G Project Brand

  • closed hole construction

  • Momochi material (TPE)

  • storage pouch included

  • made in Japan

  • Show Full Specifications

Niku-Man is the new “meaty” masturbator onahole from G Project for Summer 2016 made with their signature Momochi material.

$ 36.95


G Project has brought us a wide range of items from the economical Chu! to the futuristic Ju-C Air hand masturbator. They're back on ToyDemon for Summer 2016 with another offering call Niku-Man.

Niku-Man is a hand-held mastubator sleeve from G Project with a “meaty” feel. The outside of the sleeve has a hourglass like shape with a simple looking entrance. However this appearance hides a complicated and busy internal structure. When you spread the opening, you'll find countless number of random looking finger nubs pointing out at you. This texture design continues down the tunnel all the way to the end to bring a stimulating experience to you throughout your stroking. The tunnel is wider to give space to maximize the vacuum experience. Simply and gently squeeze the air out of the tunnel as you insert to maximize this suction.

Made with G Project's soft yet realistic feeling Momochi material, Niku-Man is a great addition to G Project's offering on ToyDemon.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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