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Free Shipping to start at $75 with code SHIPFREE

11/03/16 - Thu.

After much discussion and calculation, we here at ToyDemon have decided to raise the Free Shipping threshold from $50 to $75. Now before you take out your pitchforks and condemn us for raising the threshold to Free Shipping, please understand that this decision did not come lightly. And we feel that this is the best solution for both ToyDemon and its customers. 

Most of you know that ToyDemon imports most of their products from Japan so the fluctuation in the currency conversion from USD to Japanese Yen (JPY) can greatly affect ToyDemon's product pricing. During this time last year (November 2015), the USD was trading at 1.00 USD to ~125 JPY. Currently (November, 2016), the USD is trading at ~1.00 USD to ~103 JPY, that's close to a 18% decrease! Please see the graph below for USD to JPY exchange rate in the past year. If you'd like to find out more about the currency rates, please go to

If you have been a loyal customer, you should have noticed that starting in 2016, we decreased our prices across the board to offer our customers numerous products, outstanding service, at a great price. With this sharp increase in JPY strength, we feel that rather than increase the prices for all our products, we are increasing the threshold of Free Shipping from $50 to $75 to help offset the increase in product cost.

We know that increasing the prices of any kind is not ideal to our customers, but we certainly hope you can understand our reason for it, and that with this increase in Free Shipping, we can continue to offer our products at a competitive price to you.

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