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Yuria Amano Anime Doll

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From ToysHeart comes this air doll upgrade to Yuria Amano, now called My Girl Yuria.


The Yuria Amano Doll has been a favorite for many air doll fans. Many loved it's real body size able to fit many life size clothing, while others loved its anime look or the ability to fit many small to mid sized onaholes. Many of ToysHeart's top items like SI-X series, InDol, Innocent Younger Sister, and Erotic Elder Sister are all compatible with Yuria Amano air doll.

ToysHeart has now upgraded the original Yuria Amano and called it My Girl Yuria. My Girl Yuria now has less seam than the original for a better durability and visual look. Her hair has been upgraded to be longer and more realistic. Still sporting a lovely G-cup, My Girl Yuria is your top choice for anime air doll.


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