Monster Wet Kiwami

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Magic Eyes is finally entering the hip category with their new hip for the Monster Wet line called Monster Wet Kiwami.


Magic Eye's unique lineup has made them a favorite for many masturbator fans on ToyDemon since 2014. They are finally entering the full hip category with their new hip for the Monster Wet line called Monster Wet Kiwami. At 12 by 11 by 6.69 inches and over 15 pounds, Monster Wet Kiwami is one of the largest hip offering here on ToyDemon.

Monster Wet Kiwami being a full hip has both a vaginal and anal tunnel. The vaginal tunnel has a wavy pattern lined with alternating uniform nubs and minor ribs for a more stimulating experience. The end of the vaginal tunnel also extends into the anal tunnel for those that are longer and needs a little more tunnel. The anal tunnel is completely straight with organic looking parallel ribs for a more hugging sensation. The design of Monster Wet Kiwami is a through-hole design with one exit hole at the end for both tunnels. Through-hole design makes cleaning much easier with a tradeoff in suction of the tunnel. The entrance of Monster Wet Kiwami is dusted with a light pink powder to add some realism to the appearance. We recommend thoroughly cleaning this powder off before first use.

The outer appearance of Monster Wet Kiwami is the hip area up to above the belly button. Monster Wet Kiwami is also a full hip meaning the back also has the butt area rather than a flat surface. The legs are truncated a little past where the thigh starts to extend. Its position is a leg spread angle for a deeper thrusting. The material is soft but very meaty for the hip. As the first large hip item from Magic Eyes and Monster Wet series, Monster Wet Kiwami adds a great new option for hips lovers everywhere.

There are a few things to note on this item. Each hip received a finishing powder coating from the factory. The hip also comes inside a clear bag that is unsealed. ToyDemon has found that when the item is moving around from transit, this powder will start sticking to the bag and clumping in spots. Combined with the unsealed nature of the inner bag, the hip will need to be thoroughly cleaned as the clumped powder and packaging dust may make the item appear dirty upon opening. As with any hip of this size, weight, and soft material, minor crease and pressure blemishes may be visible on the surface of the toy after sitting on its bag. This does not affect the function and usage of the product in any way and is not consider a defect.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.

More Information
Brand Magic Eyes
Dimension (L x W x H in.) 14 x 10 x 8
TD Rating 4 of 5
Warranty None
Material TPE
Product Size Large ( > 10 in.)
Hole Construction Single Layer
Hole Design Through Hole
# of Holes 2
Usability Reusable
Lotion Included Yes
Softness 7
Simulation Anal, Vaginal
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