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Moe Body

With their innovations and fresh ideas, Magic Eyes has become a favorite here at ToyDemon. We are excited to announce a new Magic Eyes item just in time for summer 2015 called Moe Body.

$ 147.95


”Internal structure of a moe body! / Kaitai Shinsho Moe Body!" or simply “Moe Body” for short is the newest Magic Eyes for summer 2015. The Japanese terms “Moe” elusively translates to something that brings up strong feelings of affection and desire. "Kaitai Shinsho" refer to a New text/study of anatomy. Together this perfectly describe the concept Magic Eyes is going for with Moe Body.

Moe Body is a scaled body that is still quite large at over 10 inches in length. The proportion of Moe Body is realistic to visually stimulate your desire. Inside this great body form are numerous innovations new to Magic Eyes. Between the outer layer and the tunnel is a cylindrical “bone” structure. This bone structure keeps the sleeve from being “floppy” unlike other large sleeve that struggle to stay straight during use. It also creates a very tight tunnel since it encases around the tunnel.

Moe Body is a quadruple layer sleeve when you account the bone into it. The outside layer is soft with skin like feel to the touch. The next layer is the stiff bone structure previously mentioned. Within the bone structure is an ultra soft layer for expansion as you use the sleeve. The last layer lining the inside of the tunnel is a higher stimulation material to create the tactile sensation. This highly complex layering create an unique experience that is tight and stimulating unlike any other sleeve.

With the complex layer construction, Magic Eyes is using a simpler design for the textures of the tunnel. The path is slightly wavy with random looking bumps, grooves, and ribs of various size that are similar to many other Magic Eyes sleeve. At the last third of the tunnel is a vacuum chamber to maximize the suction sensation.

The tunnel itself is both closed and through hole design with the use of a round piece placed at the end of the tunnel. This allows you to have the benefit of both world. Being a closed hole allows for more suction during use while turning it to a open hole makes cleaning very easy. Simply continue to flush water through the tunnel until clean.

Moe Body is another unique design from Magic Eyes for your masturbating pleasure and a must for scale body masturbator fans everywhere. We must warn everyone though, this thing is designed to be very tight with the bone structure. Those who are bigger/thicker may find this item very hard to insert or use.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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