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Milky Soft - Kohaku Uta

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Milky Soft is a new dual-layer masturbator sleeve series from eXe for Fall 2013. This is the Kohaku Uta's masturbator.
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eXe’s new Milky Soft onahole is a dual layer masturbator with a milky white looking exterior. This dual layer structure allows the outside to be soft to the touch while having a completely different and stimulating material for the inside. The inner material of Milky Soft has an air bubble infused structure. This structure allows the inside to stay warmer and gives the material a springy consistency for a tight and stimulation feel.

The Kohaku Uta version of Milky Soft’s interior is separated into three zone. The beginning uses large rounded nubs that changes to smaller nubs as you enter the middle zone. These nub provide pointed stimulation right from the start. The middle area is a ribbed tightening zone. This zone provides an all-round hugging stimulation. The end zone has textures that look more random and natural and provides a mellower sensation.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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