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Men's Max Dual Virgin Pink

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Men's Max Japan Dual is their newest sleeve this year for ToyDemon just in time for Fall 2015. This is the Virgin Pink version of Dual.

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Men's Max Japan is combining some of the latest innovations and ideas into one product called Dual. This is the Virgin Pink version of the Dual series. Called dual because it is really two sleeve in one. Combine both sleeve together to make a dual-layer sleeve or separate them and use as two different sleeves. The choice is yours with Men's Max Japan Dual

The inner core sleeve is made from a more stimulating material for high-intensity masturbation. The textures inside at the beginning consists of a tighter tunnel that widen a bit past the entrance. The entire tunnel is lined with criss-crossing ribs along with sprinkling of small and medium nubs at various locations. At the end of the tunnel is a stimulation “stinger”, a large node designed for head stimulation when you reach the end.

Finger grooves along the outside of the inner sleeve allows for a firm grip of the sleeve during use and help keep the inner sleeve inside during the combined mode. The most innovative part of the inner sleeve is that it has the “Plus Wetch” coating. “Plus Wetch” coating is a special coating on the inside that get rid of the need to use lotion. Simply flip the lip up to make a funnel, add a bit of water and working it around inside to active the coating for a new sensation from the water.

The outer sleeve of Dual Virgin Pink is made from Men's Max Japan material called Purerial. It is made in Japan and designed to be safe. This material is applied in a bubble foam manner to increase softness of the material without altering it. Inside the outer sleeve are sets of alternating ring and tiny ribs for a mellow experience.

As mentioned previously, the two sleeve fits together to form a dual-layer sleeve with a softer tactile feel on the outside and more stimulating experience on the inside. Made in Japan with high quality material and innovations, Men's Max Japan Dual Virgin Pink is an other great addition to ToyDemon.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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