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Meiki no Syoumei 02 Nao Yoshizaki

The Meiki no Syoumei 02 Nao Yoshizaki masturbator is the follow up to the international hit Meiki no Syoumei 01 Maria Ozawa masturbator. Its bigger size gives it an advantage over other regular Meiki masturbators.
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Made with the same patented high quality material as Meiki no Syoumei 01 Maria Ozawa, the Meiki no Syoumei Nao Yoshizaki is the next best thing to the real thing. This Meiki was produced by scanning the ever popular Nao Yoshizaki's clitoris, vagina and anus. The size of this Meiki masturbator has also been upgraded to be bigger than the Meiki no Syoumei 01 Maria Ozawa. Nao's signature of approval is also on the side of this Meiki masturbator.

Included are two sample packet of lotion. PEPEE's premium Legacy Lotion for vaginal play and PEPEE's premium Diversity Lotion for anal play. This Meiki is one heavy arsenal for those seeking to add some serious pleasure to their toy collection.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.

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Additional Information

UPC 4562160132619
TD Rating 4 of 5
Designed In Japan
Brands NPG
Material PVC (phthalate free)
Usability Reusable
Simulation Vaginal, Anal
# of Holes Two
Construction Single Layer
Hole Design Closed Hole
Lotion Included Yes
Softness 8
Net Weight (in lb) No
Dimension (L x W x H in.) 7.5 x 6.3 x 3.55
Tunnel Dimension (in.) No
Special Features AV Actress
Warranty None
Turn In Value 10% of the purchased price
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Total : 34 Reviews
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Good two holes Review by Rog
Experience: N/A Age: N/A Length: N/A Girth: N/A
Sensation is good, but not great. The dual-layer ones have better sensation. It's soft too (because of the material used?). Can't call it a pro or con. Easy to handle and use. Easy to wash and clean. Wish the price be lower.

Pros: Sensation, Usability, Quality
Cons: Value

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Best I have tried in the NPG brand Review by S_61
Experience: Expert (10+ products owned) Age: 45+ Length: N/A Girth: N/A
I bought one of these several years ago, and the second hole was misaligned so much that it leaked. The front hole felt so good, that I didn't mind. I purchased another recently, and found that they fixed the misalignment problem. I have eleven different ones, and this is the best. Size is just right. The Saki Ootsuka is almost as good . I clean them with water and a bar of soap and flush them out with a piece of tygon tubing plumbed to a hose bib.

Pros: Sensation, Usability, Quality, Value

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Its great, but it deserves an upgrade Review by Booyah
Experience: Intermediate (4 - 10 products owned) Age: 18 - 24 Length: 4 - 6 Inches Girth: N/A
I really love this toy. The fact that its hefty and soft at the same time is a huge turn on. The toy's butt slaps against you a little bit which I really love. Hands free is also a plus which is like a hidden bonus feature with this toy. Switching between the holes is sooo fun. My only problem is that the anal hole should've been tighter and a little longer.

Now... the reason why this toy should get an upgrade is...

1. the material should be TPE due to safe material for your junk. Im not too sure about the PVC material even though it says pthalate free.

2. The anal hole should be tighter and longer like the Tong GGO, that toy also uses TPE which is safer, better durability, and makes toy tighter.

3. I think with those two points I mentioned, if meiki decides to use TPE material and make the anal hole just as tight and long as the Tong GGO, then im sold. I would jump for joy if this toy gets an upgrade!!! Even with the current toy, its amazing. I hope you guys consider my idea for this toy!

Pros: Sensation, Quality, Value
Cons: Usability

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Extremely Cool Review by DEEP
Experience: N/A Age: N/A Length: N/A Girth: N/A
I'm usually into onaholes and I just had to give this a try. Long story short it is awesome. It feels great and is overall a steal. I will say one thing, cleaning this can be a little tedious but it can be done.

Pros: Sensation, Usability, Quality, Value

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My favorite Meiki so far! Review by Aznonymous
Experience: Age: Length: Girth:
I originally decided to try this out because I had tried the other Meiki toys and I honestly wanted something that I could use from time to time that would be hands free (sometimes you honestly just HAVE THE NEED to pelvic thrust hard rather than use your hands).The size and bulk of it is great for hands free motion if you so choose that method (i.e. laying it on your bed, or laying it on stacked pillows, etc) but I feel the toy isn't too big where using your hands to handle it is an issue. The toy's shape and look is very visually stimulating and even moreso knowing that it is an actual real mold of the AV actresses naughty parts adds to the fantasy (mainly because it just feels so REAL in sensation that telling yourself that DUH it's a replica of a real woman's vagina just heightens the experience imho). So with that said, for being a single layer, it feels AMAZING! I have also had the ZXY and I enjoyed the stimulation it gave but the Nao just tones it down just enough to the level I wanted to truly take my time and enjoy myself. The shapes design of the toy also greatly adds to the sensation of pleasure to using the toy as the heart shape of the vaginal entrance and back make it really feel more like a woman's lower region is really rubbing up against your body! I've heard some people complain that they feel the holes were too big or not tight enough and for the me they feel just perfect in size (and I'm an averaged sized guy).

The bad here I'd have to say is that the price tag is a little high considering you can get a hip for just a little more in cost. However, I've never felt comfortable taking the plunge into getting a bigger toy (mainly because I feel it's a bit beyond my level of perversion and I wouldn't know how I'd hide such a big sized thing) so the size of the toy is perfect if you're sort of on the fence about hips like I was. My biggest complaint is that...the anus rips too easily which is a real shame because upon the first few uses it actually feels tighter compared to the vaginal entrance and gives both holes a distinguishing sensation (so I wish it was made of slightly stronger material). I have to agree with some of the others on here though, being able to go back and forth between the use of both holes is definitely fun! Also, the lotion packets that come with the toy are too small in amounts and not very good at all. This makes no sense considering the toy is higher priced and is BIGGER than the other NPGs toys for it to not include it's own bottle of lube like the smaller Meikis.

This has become my favorite Meiki toy so far. I even enjoy it more than my ZXY! I loved it so much I purchased it twice! Surprisingly if you take good care of it, the Nao can last you a long time (my first purchase was good for a whole year before I started to wear it down and even then it felt good and probably would of lasted longer had I taken better care of it too).

Pros: Sensation, Usability, Quality, Value
Cons: Value

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Product Questions

How private is shipping with this product?
What is TD Rating in product specs?
Hi, can I ask if this masturbator is condom friendly? As most condoms are pre-lubricated? Thanks.
Does this fit inside the Meiki Plush Doll?
Does this fit inside the Meiki Plush Doll?
can i turn this inside out to clean ?

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